Become a Contributor to VectorMap

You can send us your data (or a subsample) to us in any format, and we will convert it to our format, and send it back for comments/edits prior to uploading it. We realize that many people may not be ready to share all the details of new collection records until they have had a chance to publish. There are several solutions. The most obvious is to delay contributing the data to VectorMap. A disadvantage of this is that you will delay being able to point people to VectorMap to show off your data, and you will not be able to specify in your publication, the Global Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) that VectorMap generates for each data record (a bit like a GenBank number). An alternative is to contribute part of the data, for example, minus the species names, or minus everything except the coordinates and contact details. This process of holding back data can be done by yourselves or by us – whatever you like. VectorMap even has a field called InformationWithheld that is designed to flag data that is being held back for publication.

General advice regarding georeferencing of mosquito collection records can be found here.

Data sharing agreements

VectorMap data sharing should take place within a framework of due attribution. Therefore, when registering their services with VectorMap, the data providers agree as follows:

  1. Biodiversity data accessible via VectorMap are openly and universally available to all users within the framework of the VectorMap Data Use Agreement and with the terms and conditions that the data provider has identified in its metadata.
  2. VectorMap does not assert any intellectual property rights in the data that is provided by contributors for VectorMap.
  3. The data provider warrants that they have made the necessary agreements with the original owners of the data that it can make the data available through VectorMap.
  4. The data provider makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the data they serve are accurate.
  5. Responsibility regarding the restriction of access to sensitive data resides with the data provider.
  6. The data provider includes stable and unique identifiers in their data so that the owner of the data is known and for other necessary purposes.
  7. VectorMap may cache a copy and serve full or partial data further to other users together with the terms and conditions for use set by the data provider. Queries of such data through VectorMap are reported to the data provider.
  8. Data providers are endorsed by a VectorMap Participant, if applicable, before their metadata is made available by VectorMap.
  9. VectorMap is not liable or responsible, nor are its managers, employees or contractors, for the data contents or their use; or for any loss, damage, claim, cost or expense however it may arise, from an inability to use VectorMap.
  10. VectorMap may forward a copy of data to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, unless data provider requests otherwise.

Some VectorMap (mosquito) Data Fields

  • SubmitterAddress
  • DateLastModified
  • Collector
  • InstitutionCode
  • CollectionCode
  • CatalogNumber
  • GlobalUniqueIdentifier
  • GenBankNum
  • BasisOfRecord
  • Source
  • RelatedInformation
  • InformationWithheld
  • Kingdom
  • Phylum
  • Class
  • Order
  • Family
  • Genus
  • SubGenus
  • Species
  • ScientificName
  • AuthorYearOfScientificName
  • IdentifiedBy
  • IdentificationMethod
  • EarliestDateCollected
  • LatestDateCollected
  • VerbatimCollectingDate
  • TimeCollected
  • Country
  • StateProvince
  • County
  • Locality
  • DecimalLongitude
  • DecimalLatitude
  • GeodeticDatum
  • VerbatimLongitude
  • VerbatimLatitude
  • VerbatimCoordinates
  • VerbatimCoordinateSystem
  • CoordinateUncertaintyInMeters
  • GeoreferenceProtocol
  • GeoreferenceSources
  • GeoreferenceRemarks
  • IndividualCount
  • Sex
  • LifeStage
  • Remarks
  • CollectingMethod
  • CollectingEffortInHours
  • LarvalHabitatType
  • LarvalHabitatCondition
  • DistanceToHouseInMeters
  • DegreeOfShade
  • VerbatimElevation
  • DistanceAboveSurfaceInMeters
  • AssociatedParasite
  • LifeStageOfParasite
  • IdentificationMethodForParasite
  • NumberMosquitoesParasiteTested
  • RemarksAboutParasite
  • Parity
  • TrapIndex
  • MammalBloodIndex
  • HumanBloodIndex
  • BirdBloodIndex
  • HumanBitingRatePerHour
  • HumanBitingRatePerYear
  • GravidRate
  • EngorgedRate
  • OocystRate
  • SporozoiteRate
  • HostFeedingIndex
  • ForageRatio
  • EntIR_night
  • EntIR_annual
  • DailySurvival
  • LongevityDays
  • IdentificationConfidence
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